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BINGO: Classic of the Gambling Industry

Gambling is a big entertainment industry, and it contains a wide range of games. In each industry, there is always a classic thing. In our case, there is a game that has been called a classic. This is an extremely popular game which is known by billions of people all over the world. One of such games is BINGO, which became the standard and full synonym of joy, success, and victory.

Unlike other gambling entertainment, bingo is not only a game of chance. It is often played not for money, but simply for the sake of a pleasant pastime with friends and family. Bingo is able to unite generations because both children and adults love it equally.

The goal of bingo is to cross out all the fields on the number card. These numbers are randomly chosen by the host. The participant who completes the task first wins. And to notify others about this, he needs to loudly exclaim: “Bingo!”.

BINGO rules

You can find Bingo in online casino top and special bingo parlors, where dozens of people can take part in the games at the same time. At online casinos, the process is similar. Before the start of the game, everyone buys cards with numbers. If you want to increase the chances of winning, buy several cards. It boosts your chances to become the winner.

In addition to players and cards, you need a leader and a lottery drum with balls. However, you can use other methods of choosing numbers. During the game, the leader pulls out one ball and announces the number indicated on it to the participants. Then they look for this value in their cards, and if they find it, they mark or cross it out.

The game continues until one of the participants completes the task, in other words, crosses out all the numbers on the card or forms a certain pattern or figure from the marked numbers. In this case, the participant must shout “Bingo!” – the game stops only after that.

The card must be checked so that the player does not win by cheating. If everything is correct, the participant receives the prize.

BINGO history

Many believe that the prototype of modern bingo existed as early as the 16th century. The first mention of the Italian game Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia appeared in 1530. Then, by drawing out balls with numbers, members of the Grand Council of Genoa were selected.

After the game became popular in Italy, its variations spread to other European countries. In France, a game called Le Lotto became the entertainment of wealthy people. While in Germany, people used BINGO for educational purposes.

How it started?

Modern Bingo was founded in the USA. During the Great Depression, American Edwin Lowe failed in business. Later, the toy tycoon went bankrupt. He found the solution to this problem by accident while visiting the fair.

The man saw a group of people who were enthusiastically playing a game unknown to him. They had number cards, and the players put beans on the fields to indicate the numbers that matched. As they won, the winners shouted “Bean go!” (“Bob is coming!”).

Edwin Lowe liked this idea. He changed the rules of the game a little and called it “Bingo” – perhaps he just did not hear what the players were shouting at the fair, and perhaps on purpose to separate his game from theirs.

The man started selling bingo sets, and soon he organized a game in New York. He even hired Columbia University professor Karl Leffler to design 6,000 new cards with different combinations of numbers.

Since then, bingo has begun to gain popularity in the United States and many other countries. Over time, various types of the game appeared. People began to play it in large and small casinos and open separate salons that specialize only in Bingo. Entertainment remains relevant today, and the development of technology has helped it occupy its niche in the online gambling sector.

Varieties of the game

Bingo varieties differ in the total number of balls with numbers and fields on the playing cards. These parameters affect the length of the batch and the variability of combinations. In addition, different types of bingo can determine the winners in different ways.

75 ball bingo or American bingo is considered the classic version of the game. From the name, it is clear that in this version there are 75 balls with numbers. Each card in this bingo has 25 fields arranged 5×5, but one of them is empty. Only 24 numbers are indicated on it, and the central one is considered to be filled in automatically.

Most often, to win in American bingo, you need to make a drawing from the marked fields. It can be a line, a shape, or something else defined by conditions.

90 ball bingo or British bingo is more common in Europe. The cards in this variant have 27 fields arranged 3×9, but only 15 of them are filled with numbers.

British bingo is usually played in 3 rounds with intermediate winners. The first is the one who has completely collected any line of numbers. The second is the one who collected 2 lines, and the main one is the one who filled in the entire card.

Top Bingo online casinos

1. PlayAmo


300 €/$ 150 free spin

Welcome Bonus

The casino was founded in 2016 and attracts players with different types of bingo games. At PlayAmo, people can expect several generous welcome bonuses and loyalty prizes. The site provides an excellent VIP program with multiple levels of privileges. However, the casino does not provide Bingo tournaments.

After the registrations, players can start the journey with a $10 deposit. PlayAmo, also, provides live support, thus if you have any questions, you’ll always get the answer in a minute. Although we discuss the bingo games, there are over 3,500 titles on the site. All games are available to play on mobile devices through the web browser.

2. Spin Casino



Welcome Bonus

Spin casino is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and KGC. It has almost 20 years of experience providing top-quality games, including several types of Bingo. In order to get the 100% welcome bonus, make sure to deposit at least $20. In order to make the deposit, you can use all efficient payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. Spin casino is trusted by millions of players around the globe. Generally, there is a traditional type of Bingo, but also the casino offers an interesting game – Ballistic Bingo.

3. Jackpot City

Jackpot City


Welcome Bonus

Jackpot City is known to be the best online casino for New Zealanders. The sister of Spin Casino shares similar characteristics and also provides Bingo games. Jackpot City players can play Bingo through the mobile application for Android and iOS. Players enjoy Bingo for free or for –real money.

As the previous candidates, Jackpot City opens the walls with a $10 deposit. Moreover, players can spin the wheel of fortune every 2-4 hours and get prizes. Also, Jackpot City offers support in multiple languages, and enough payment methods to cash out your winnings. All in all, the casinos attract people with legal licences, reliable certificates, a big variety of Bingo games and top security of players’ personal information.

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Why people choose slots?

Slot machines are the most attractive for players online casino games. It’s obviously clear why people choose slots. They are easy to play. You don’t even need to think much. Just bet and spin. Slots also have an impact on visual perception. Everyone likes to look at something bright, shiny, and especially, with a story behind.

Why people don’t play slots ?

This all is good, but no one sees that slots are the least profitable. Their theoretical return to player slightly exceeds 97%. In fact, the average percentage of slots RTP is 94%. Can you imagine? The 6% of your money goes to the online casino. So, basically you don’t even get paid more than you have deposited.

Hence it gets almost impossible to win on slots. Better to say, you can win but it’s difficult to keep the winning result. Though there are several ways to move closer the chance of leaving the game with a satisfactory feeling.

How to win slots?

  • Choose the right slot. Saying the word ‘right’ I mean the high RTP. Remember that for beneficial results the slot’s RTP must be over 95%. If it’s lower, it’s not even worth trying. Before starting to play, check the game rules. There you’ll find the percentage.
  • Start on minimum. Don’t bet much from the very beginning. Most probably your first rounds will be failing. So, it makes no sense. Wait until you make about 10 spins and only then raise the bet. But also gradually.
  • Play with bets. Concerning the fact that casino games are spun by random number generators, you can equally randomly change bets. However, don’t practise it excessively. When you feel like winning, raise the bet to get the higher pay. Then again if you have constant failing results, lower it on minimum.
  • Stop on time. The best thing that you can do for your winnings is to quit the game. As soon as you win higher than your initial balance, quit it. Don’t make another spin thinking “the next gonna hit higher!”. It won’t. RNGs are meant to decrease your budget after a successful big win.

In order to choose the right casino you need to follow the criteria. In fact, a trusted casino, obviously, provides safe and fair conditions for players. So, if you’re looking for the most trusted casino, make sure to read this page till the end. Here you will find the instructions of how to define trusted online casinos.

  • First of all, trusted casinos should be rated high by users. The rating defines a real user’s experience, and how the casino treats players.
  • Secondly, make sure the casino is regulated by the top license authority. The licensing and certifications show the fact that casinos are responsible and have fair intentions to players.
  • Thirdly, check the reputation of game providers. It’s necessary to play only games by reliable software developers. The reliable provider should be certified and checked by audit companies. One of these companies is eCOGRA. As a result, it provides fair statistics of random number generators.


As shown above, there are many casinos that keep up with these factors. The list of trusted casinos you can find in the article section, we provide comprehensive reviews of many platforms, including the ratings by real players.

By downloading the installation file of the casino application from its official website. You need to use the software available on the links of the gambling site. On other sites, it’s possible to play via the mobile browser.

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