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8 Craziest Bets Gamblers Have Ever Made

Gambling has been entertaining people for thousands of years. And throughout history, players have bet on all sorts of things. After all, it can be difficult to refuse a challenge, especially if something important is at stake.

Either out of pride or for money, but sometimes players do quite strange things. Basically, they do anything to win. If there is risk or opportunity, people rarely miss the challenge of potential victory.

1. Bet on your own name

This story is funny, but instructive on the other hand. It is known that alcohol and gambling are incompatible things. A 22-year-old player from New Zealand took part in an unusual game of poker being drunk. And although the bet did not bring financial losses, it has changed his life.

When he had nothing to bet, but really wanted to recoup, the guy made a bet on his own name. In case of his loss, he had to change his name in the passport, driver’s license, and other legal documents to a new one, which should consist of 99 letters.

Obviously, The New Zealander lost the bet and had to radically change the name. The game was short, and the name was long! The guy took it seriously and changed his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.

2. Nude weather forecast

In 2014, 27-year-old French meteorologist Doris Thilier made a bid to broadcast a weather forecast without clothes if the French national football team qualifies for the World Cup in Brazil.

France beat Ukraine 2-0, and the team secured a spot for the 2014 World Cup. Therefore, Doris had to talk about the weather naked. She kept her word and fulfilled her duties as a reporter only in boots. This situation shocked and gladly surprised many viewers from all over France.

3. $10,000 Burger

Howard Lederer is a poker player known for winning two World Series bracelets. He was a
vegetarian for most of his life. One day, another player, David Gray, offered $10,000 to Howard for eating a cheeseburger.

Everything has a price, and cash speaks louder than ideology. Therefore, Howard Lederer immediately abandoned the vegetarian diet and became richer by 10 thousand.

4. 50,000 for standing straight

Former World Series champion Huck Sid and friend Phil Hellmuth bet that Huck won’t be able to stand up to his shoulders in ocean water for 18 hours. At stake was $50,000, and Huck thought he could do it, but only lasted three hours.

5. All or nothing

In 2004, a man named Ashley Revell made perhaps the most risky bet in roulette. Revell decided to sell everything he owned, even his own clothes, and put all of his savings into a roulette wheel. Overall, he made a bet of $135,000.

The man bought a ticket to Las Vegas and in front of the cameras of the TV show “Double or Nothing” Revell put the entire amount in one turn. At first, he chose black, but at the last moment changed his mind and changed his bet to red. Revel’s extremely high risk paid off. The white ball fell on the red sector. Ashley doubled his money and immediately finished the game. He returned home to England, where he opened a poker site on the Internet.

6. $100,000 breast

Brian Zembik is a well-known magician and an avid gambler. He is known as a person who will do anything to win a bet. He made many ridiculous bets, but none of them will be as strange as in 1997.

A friend of his, a high-stakes backgammon player, offered him a $100,000 bet. To get them, Zembik had to install silicone breast implants and live with them for a whole year. They signed a contract, and the money was transferred to a third-party account as a guaranteed payment if Brian fulfills all the conditions.

At first, Zembik did not agree to this, but after losing money in the stock market, he began to search for a surgeon. The man enlarged his bust by several sizes and, when a year passed, received the winnings in his Swiss bank account.

The most surprising thing is that after a year’s time, the man refused to remove the implants and walked with them for almost two decades before finally removing them.

7. Bathroom bet

A crazy bet was made between Andrew Robl and his friend Jay Quick. Robl invited Quick to live in a bathroom in Bellagio’s hotel room for 30 days. For this, Andrew had to pay a six-figure sum.

Quickly accepted the challenge. However, after 4 days Robl bought out the stake for $40,000, fearing that his friend would really cope with the task.

8. Fight at the bar or bet 15 to 1

Johnny Moss is a legend not only in the poker world but for making ridiculous bets on anything. People say that one evening in a pub, after playing a few rounds with friends, he had a 15/1 coefficient that he would not be able to win a fight with a local bar patron.

Moss could not refuse to pay $15,000 on his $1,000 and agreed to a fight. Johnny immediately hit the guy on the back of the head, but he felt almost nothing because he was stronger and taller. In the end, Moss went to the hospital with several broken bones, where he spent two weeks.

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That is quite reasonable why a person might get a thought of starting its own online gambling business. It brings much profit, especially nowadays when online related industries are at the top. Just like the huge yearly revenues of online casinos, one has to spend the big sums of money for the business launch.

Gambling business requires many responsibilities and attention. The known stereotype about casinos that they are always cheating impose additional obligations on the casino owners. They have to license their business activity, get special certificates and constantly prove that they are safe and fair.

This ‘proof’ costs money which you as a potential owner need to pay at the very beginning. All the licenses, certificates and security technologies are the first instruments that you have to think of before you start. Not a single high roller or even a regular player will make funds into an ‘unknown’ casino without an official license.


However, in order to receive a license you need to accomplish several steps. First one is to create the company according to the laws of the country that allows running online casinos. They are usually small countries like Malta, Costa Rica, Gibraltar or it can be the UK, by the way. The company registration cost varies. In the UK it’s 550 euros, in Costa Rica you would have to pay almost 3,000 euros. However, Gibraltar and Curacao don’t take charges at all. So, let’s take the average cost of the registration of a legal entity – $1,000.

Gambling platform

The site content is the most important. It’s the face of the online casino. The real money attractive games are what people come for to the online casinos. Basically, you need to make a deal with at least one software provider and have a minimum of 500 games in your casino lobby. Nevertheless, the more games and providers, the more customers. The price is different again. It varies from $10,000 to $150,000. It depends on the provider reputation and amount of games you purchase. Mind that you will have to pay commission from each game. About 15% from one game revenue goes to the provider. Averagely, you could pay about $50,000 for games including commission.


Finally, you can apply for the license. This step allows you to host servers and represent casino games worldwide (where they are accepted by laws, of course). Generally, the licensee is based in the same country where you registered your casino business. Accordingly, the price varies. For example, in the well-reputed Malta you can get the MGA license for about $18,000 + the same for annual fee, in total over $35,000. In Costa Rica you’ll pay totally $50,000. Besides, the license doesn’t last forever. It’s issued for several years. On average, 6 years is the expiry date. So, let’s assume that the first licensing costs $50,000 including the cost itself and annual fee.

Website development

Your casino site should be, first of all, clear and easy to navigate. Whenever a visitor enters the site, he or she must understand what the casino offers: games, bonuses, banking options, support, security and etc. Clarity, transparency and availability of all website options. The whole development of the website costs from $10,000 to $50,000. Though we can’t deny additional losses. Let’s take $50,000 for the website development stage.


This step is necessary for all businesses. In order to let people know about you, you need a marketing plan including advertising, SEO content and affiliates. Your minimal marketing losses can be $20,000. However, it doesn’t make much sense as it pays off quite a little. For the good profitable marketing system you can pay $100,000 and even $200,000 monthly. Additionally, you will have to pay a fixed sum and sort of 20% commission to the partners that brought you clients. All in all, for the advertising stage we have approximately $100,000 a month which annually is $1,200,000.

Casino maintenance

Here you should include, first of all, salaries for your staff. It should be a whole team of specialists in the fields of design, web development, security service, support, sales and marketing, finance and copywriting. In addition, you will have to maintain the site and its security system annually. The total cost of this all will be about $500,000 a year. It depends on the salary amounts you can afford, of course.

Payouts guarantee

This is a specific amount of money you save in the bank as a guarantee that you are able to give payouts to your players. It can’t be used for taxes and other expenses. This is a necessary fund, and its minimum depends on the registration country. It will cost you about $100,000.

Total calculations

If we consider each expense given above, the online casino site costs $1,951,000 at the start. Still, you have to understand that this sum is not exact. In reality you may pay more or even less. Anyway, considering all the necessary and additional expenses, you need to have at least $2 million in your account to open and maintain the casino site during one year. With an excellent marketing plan you can compensate for the losses during a couple of years, or even less period of time.

Using bonuses is one of the profitable methods to make money on online casinos. In fact, many gamblers have built up a strategy of making money on bonuses only. They’re not really interested in the games.

There is one condition under which players get the bonus money. It’s the terms. As you know, every bonus has T&Cs. Generally, these terms include wagering requirements like you need to spin 50 times before actual withdrawal. The terms are the point.

Appealing T&Cs

You have to search for the online casinos that have the following or alike phrase in the bonus terms: “…Bonus offer can be withdrawn at any time”. If you have found this, it’s comparable to a Jackpot. After you have deposited the minimum required, got the bonus cash and met all the terms, you can request the withdrawal. Absolutely without a risk of being banned for bonus abuse. However, it doesn’t mean that you will win. You can equally lose some rounds while you’re completing the requirements.

Table games & bonus

Using bonuses in table games is another strategy to make money on bonuses. It is known that table games have the highest RTPs, which means a player can have increased probability of winning results. The idea is that you deposit, get the bonus and meet the requirements while winning in table games. No doubt, you have a risk of failing rounds too. When you complete the terms, you can successfully finish the game and withdraw. Mind one thing: check out if the table game you select is valid for the bonus. Otherwise, you can’t use the offer in your favor.

What to do if you have lost the game, and haven’t yet met the requirements

You need to deposit once again. It may sound insane, but it’s the only way to take advantage of the bonus. After you finally complete the terms you can play a bit further if you have nice results. But don’t overspin. Some rounds can be failing.

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