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7 Qualities of a Pro-Gambler

Gambling is an unclear industry for many people, so many of them ask questions about how to become a professional gambler and win money. But who is a pro-gambler? Is it the one who tries to make a consistent profit, or someone who avoids losses, or someone who cheats at casinos and always wins?

Basically, you decide which definition of a pro-gambler you consider right. Since all of them kind of describe the desires of a professional player in gambling sphere. Therefore, as long as you don’t lose the money, you can’t afford to lose, and enjoy the gaming process, you are the winner.

However, whatever your preferences and motivations for gambling are, the purpose you came here is to learn the characteristics of pro-gamblers, which will help you to make money. So, whether you are going to play poker, pokies, or make bets on sports, let’s highlight the most important characteristics of a successful gambler.

7 Qualities of A Successful Gambler

1. Willingness to commit

Usually, pro-gamblers don’t jump from one game to another. Instead, they choose several games according to some criteria and stick to that. The reason for that is simple: the fewer games you play, the better you understand. In case you are trying your luck at random games each time, you’re making the biggest mistake. It’s normal to add variety to your gameplay, however, almost every successful gambler chooses one market/game/activity and sticks to that. If poker is your thing, keep learning about it as much as you can. Try top New Zealand online casinos with table games and pokies in free mode.

2. Logical thinking

Players keep arguing about the importance of logical thinking in gambling. Basically, it helps many players to get ahead of their game. Simply, gambling activity is about probability, statistics, mathematics and so on. The same goes for online sports betting, where the research you make boosts your chances of winning.

No lucky charms, and superstitions will affect the result of the game. Therefore, it’s not possible to predict the outcome correctly 100%. We recommend you to stick to the scientific and logical strategy, or at least make your decision based on facts.

3. Good organizational skills

If you want to turn gambling into a money making procedure, make sure to treat it as a business. Therefore, each business requires good organizational skills, which will lead to great results. Moreover, make notes on every win or loss to record your activities and be aware of statistics. Over time, you will have a journal with statistics that will help you in your future game sessions. In addition, it will help you with tax-declaration if needed.

Important note: online betting shouldn’t be the main source of income. But if you’re serious about it, take all the tips into account.

4. Finance skills

One of the important factors of being a professional gambler is to keep an eye on your results. We recommend you to ask the question: do I have money to throw away on betting? The answer “yes” gives you full access to online gambling games. But if you answer no, take a second to think precisely about how much you can spend on gambling without the risk of getting in debts. Pro gamblers always know how to risk, since they analyse the future gambling session to know how much cash to put on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

5. An analytical mind

There is always the house edge in every gambling activity. But, we should pay if we want to gamble, since the casinos also need money. Otherwise, casino games would be customized and unfair. So, whether you play blackjack or place bets on spots, make sure to create a clear analysis and effective strategy.

6. Patience

Obviously, you cannot win all the time. If you want to become a pro, you must accept your losses too. So, if you win more than 50% of the time, congratulations, you can determine yourself as a successful player. An essential attribute of a successful gambler is patience. With such an important skill you can make long-term money, with more chances. For example, you got into a losing streak, so it’s up to you to close the game and accept the losses, or keep losing, trying to recoup.

7. Accept the loss

As we said earlier, it’s essential to be able to accept losses. However, we agree that it’s the most challenging thing to walk aways with a heavy loss. But what is more challenging is to overcome the significant loss and accept that you’re the loser today. Being able to take a break makes you a successful gambler. Because losing is a part of all business, so it’s better to accept it.


Gambling is a thrilling and exciting activity. While high-rollers frequently appear on the news boards being the winners of multi-million jackpots, millions of players play games, without any knowledge and special strategy. As a result, some of them lose thousands of dollars and suffer from gambling addiction. The only players who learn the psychology skills, and are able to accept losses can become members of the pro-gamblers community.

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Surely, mobile casinos NZ supports the games on smartphones and tablets as long as you have a good internet connection and a suitable model of your mobile device. An important requirement is the appropriate version of the operating system.

It is possible, but not for everyone. Do not be lazy to check the legality of gambling sites and the reputation of online casinos in the gambling community.

Recommendations for winning at a casino.

Everyone dreams about easy money. That is why the online casinos, million dollar Jackpots and impressive bonuses were created initially. However, you can hardly win a big sum unless you’re the luckiest guy in the world. So, what to do and how to win those desired millions if your hand is not lucky enough? I will tell you some recommendations. Please, take it seriously and use them wisely. Otherwise, they won’t make sense.

First of all, the gambler must be confident in the gambling site. Make sure it is trusted and really pays out. If you feel confused at this point, refer to our list of top trusted online casinos in the whole New Zealand.

Secondly, when you joined the real casino and managed to give it a couple of money losing spins, go back to the lobby. You should find the game having the highest return to player. For your information, the RTP is considered high if it’s over 95%. Where to find the RTP number? Basically, in the game rules.

  • A hint. You can make a wiser step and just find a list of all games RTP at your online casino. Usually, they place the document right on the website. Check the list and find the game with 99% RTP. In general, such games are table, like poker, blackjack or the old baccarat.

After you find the game, you need to practice it in free mode. No matter if you are a gambler with 20 years experience or a newbie in this game, you have to know the rules and how it behaves in practice. If you feel you have practiced enough, you can finally make a deposit and play for your money.

Play responsibly and don’t get addicted. If you have a feeling that something goes wrong, quit the game and complete it the next time. Surely, later you will have a cool head and easy hands.

Tips for jackpot

Finally, you can play progressive Jackpots from time to time. It’s always a sudden surprise to hit a Jackpot. Remember some tips for Jackpot and don’t get fully involved in gambling.

  • Spin Jackpot in the evening or at night. This time more players spin the big sum game. It means that one of these spins can be yours.
  • Don’t bet too much for a spin. It will not serve you well. If you hit the Jackpot, you’ll win the Jackpot money.
  • Play at the limited Jackpot games. In other words, daily or monthly ones. They are more likely to hit very soon, especially by the end of the period because it hasn’t been hit yet (if so).

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